Guaranteed Issue vs Term and Whole Life Insurance

Many people don't like to think about life insurance: it's more comfortable to assume that we'll live forever. Regardless, it's very important for all adults to put some serious consideration into their end-of-life planning-and this includes determining whether you need a life insurance policy and, if so, choosing the right one.

Your Insurance Quote for Boat Insurance

According to information from the U.S. Coast Guard, property damage to boats has been increasing. Many states now require boat owners to have boat insurance. If you have your boat on a loan or use a marina, you will probably also be required to have boat insurance. If you are not required to insure your boat, it is important you still consider purchasing boat insurance from an insurance company.

Before Getting Your Insurance Quote: Understanding Boat Insurance

Boat insurance works similar to the insurance for your car, and can protect in the same way. But, since boats have different features than your car, you will want to make sure your insurance company gives you all the coverages you need and any savings that may lower your premium before you get a boat insurance quote from an insurance company.

Special Offers

  • Cashing Out Your Life Insurance Policy

    Cashing out your life insurance policy or a life settlement

  • Boat Insurance Optional Coverages

    Many boat insurance policies offer great coverage

  • How to Get Motorcycle Insurance

    Motorcycles come with a lot of responsibility.

  • Is Your Police Report Complete?

    Accurate police auto accident reports can impact

  • It is something no one wants to consider. Purchasing kidnap and ransom extortion insurance is not in one's typical insurance portfolio. But, there are some that maybe should consider adding kidnap and ransom extortion insurance before their next trip.

  • Will your homeowners insurance cover your interior design or your expensive specialty ingredients? Maybe! We often know what basically our homeowners insurance will cover but there are many more coverages you have in your homeowners insurance that you may not know of.

  • Know your motorcycle. Year, make, model, and cc's are details about your bike the insurance company needs to know to give you an accurate quote. It may seem obvious, but frequently people do not know the model or cc's of their motorcycle especially if they purchased it years ago.

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How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory. It does not go on sale; however, there are ways to make sure you are getting the best rate possible. Below are 7 great ways to get the cheapest car insurance.